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Busy Bees

It's September and the bees are in a frenzied state gathering every bit of nectar and pollen they can from the late season flowers. They need to gather enough food to survive the winter.

The bees bump each other off flowers in their eagerness . . .

and roll around collecting pollen in a frantic state.

Some bees collect pollen in baskets on their hind legs and are able to carry almost half their body weight.

Late season flowers such as sedum, asters, goldenrod, phlox, blue spirea and anemones are an important food source, as well as, remaining annuals like cosmos, wand flower, sunflowers, sage, verbena and zinnias.

Different types of bees join in the frenzy, some large . . .

and some small.

But bees aren't the only pollinators busy in the fall, wasps binge on carbs this time of year.

So enjoy the activity of our friends the very busy bees.

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