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That's Crafty

Crafts are a fun way to express my creativity. They keep me busy when gardening is not possible. I enjoy working with my hands and find it relaxing to let my mind wander as I work. 

Lately, I am exploring reverse-applique and more traditional embroidery with applique. My designs are inspired by nature and fabric is wonderful medium to show its beauty.

crafts in works
In the Works

I'm busy in my gardens and will see you in the fall.

craft projects
Craft Projects

Milkweed Pods

reverse-applique with embroidery

Birches in Moonlight

reverse-applique tee with embroidery

Embroidered Applique Purse

with a floral folk design

Poppy Pattern Purse

I found a pattern for a Sweet Seasons purse in Simply Stitched with Applique by Yumiko Higuchi and a Poppy Garden Embroidery pattern at Purl Soho. Inspiration struck when I realized I could combine the two and make a poppy pattern purse.

Fern Shirt

second reverse-applique fern design

River Stoned

My latest in a series of reverse-applique projects is a river stone shirt design. I was intrigued to work with a range of grays in this simple color palette. I love smooth stones and the fabric patterns reminded me of them.

Wearable Art

I added a custom reverse-applique design to an off the rack shirt, to create a one of a kind piece. The idea began with two green shirts I picked up on sale which, in turn, inspired the fern motif.

Sewing in Reverse

I have been wanting to try reverse-applique for awhile. My inspiration comes from a great book, Improv Sewing, that helped me overcome my fear of making clothing. I picked the reverse-applique skirt from their projects but created my own floral design.

Embroidered Tea Towel

fruits & veggies

Applique Felt Bag

small felt bag with applique and embroidery decoration

Applique Felt Panel

side panel for large felt bag

Applique Felt Panel 2

side panel for large felt bag

Merry Market Bags

It is quick and easy to make re-usable produce bags for the farmer's market or grocery store. Making the bags out of merry fabric will brighten your day the next time you go shopping.

I Lost My Bounce

I used my felted wool bag for a bit and realized that it needed some upgrades. Nothing fancy but changes that would make it even nicer to use. Felted wool has some stretch to it and I began to feel that my bag was on the end of a spring

Bagged It

For this project I wanted to make a bag to use as a purse. I selected felted-wool from a batch of purple and pink sweaters .

No-Sew Throw

I kept hearing about no-sew throw blankets so I decided to make one for my son, Eric. I purchased a pair of bright, colorful fleece fabrics that would appeal to a 12 year old boy. Now I just needed to tie them together and voila, a cozy throw.

Dress of Dreams

I made a doll dress for a special birthday that is coming up. I embellished the dress with felt, ribbon and hand stitching to make it a dress of dreams, one particular girl's dreams anyway.

Animal Sacrifice

Eric and I made a Mayan warrior headdress for his school project. When he first told me about the idea, I was intrigued. 

Felted Wool Blanket

After felting the sweaters, I was ready to turn them into a cozy throw blanket. It had been an extremely cold winter and a blanket sounded just right.

I Think I Felt It

Felting turns knitted wool into fabric that is dense and warm.  When the wool fibers are exposed to water, heat and friction, they cling and tangle together.  You can use your washer and dryer to turn wool sweaters into felt.  

Holiday Lights Garland

This garland is made from paint chips which come in fantastic colors at no cost.  I used standard colors but the garland would be great in any color scheme. 

Felt Tree

holiday decoration

Crackle Finished Dresser

Stenciled Planter

Stenciled Pot

Stenciled Slate Sign

Stenciled Bird House

Stenciled Tray

Stenciled Tray 2

Stenciled Vase

Stenciled Leaf Mug

Stenciled Plate

Assorted Stencil Crafts

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