I live in Western Massachusetts and have been gardening for 23 years. I continue to transform my yard into a garden sanctuary by completing new projects every year. Here you can track my progress and get how-to tips along the way.


I love flowers and plants, nature walks, and observing the natural world. I keep my camera with me to record the beauty I find, sometimes in unexpected places.

Expressing myself through photography has always been close to my heart. I love to capture something beautiful and be able to share it with others.


When not in my garden or on a walk, I work on other creative pursuits including sewing, knitting, arts and crafts. I like having a range of hands-on projects to work on.


Please join me as I look at life, gardening and the places they intersect. It's all done for the love of gardening.

Shelley Barnett, The Shy Gardener

how lovely is the silence of growing things


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