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Sew Sweet

I sew in the winter while I wait for spring or in the evenings when it is too dark to be outside. I enjoy sewing simple clothes for myself, especially skirts since they are quick to make and fun to wear. My favorite projects are still the Halloween costumes I made for my boys over the years. 


My newest interest is sewing bags. I started with a simple tote and moved on to more complicated patterns including a convertible purse to replace my old one.

sewing projects
Sewing in works
In the Works

Sewing masks for friends, family and the community.

sewing projects
Sewing Projects

Felted Wool Blanket

Blossom Handbag

Tablet Sleeve

Lap Top Bag and Matching Pouch

Basic Tote

Wrap Skirt

Convertible Purse

Embroidered Applique Purse

with a floral folk design

Messenger Bag

with an undersea theme


Sling Sack

with a drawsting top and outer front pockets

Crabby Beach totes

Ottoman and Pillow Covers

I sewed an ottoman cover and 3 pillow covers to match my sister's new sofa.

Purple tote, version 2

Gardener's tote

Purple Tote

The Temptation of Totes

I love bags and was really drawn to this one. Often sewn with bright, fun fabrics, but with the option to tailor them to any mood or personality, I was totally tempted by the Bucket Basket Tote

Poppy Pattern Purse

I found a pattern for a Sweet Seasons purse in Simply Stitched with Applique by Yumiko Higuchi and a Poppy Garden Embroidery pattern at Purl Soho. Inspiration struck when I realized I could combine the two and make a poppy pattern purse.

That's a Wrap Skirt

Making my first wrap skirt was exciting experience. I learned to make binding, machine sewed my first button hole, customized the pattern and practiced hemming.

Pair of Skirts

That's a Wrap

Using the unique Watercolor Linen from Purl Soho and their pattern for the Watercolor Linen Wrap, I completed this simple sewing project that produced an elegant result. 

Sewing in Reverse

I have been wanting to try reverse-applique for awhile. My inspiration comes from a great book, Improv Sewing, that helped me overcome my fear of making clothing. I picked the reverse-applique skirt from their projects but created my own floral design.

Stacked Dot Scarf

Pillows, too!

Re-covering my ottoman was my snow day fun but I completed a bonus project this week. I made matching pillow covers.

Re-Cover Up

I love my new couch but next to it the ottoman looked tired. I made the ottoman cover three years ago, see Cover Up, and it had sustained heavy use. It was time to re-cover the ottoman with a fresh look to compliment the new couch.

Merry Market Bags

It is quick and easy to make re-usable produce bags for the farmer's market or grocery store. Making the bags out of merry fabric will brighten your day the next time you go shopping.

Dress of Dreams

I made a doll dress for a special birthday that is coming up. I embellished the dress with felt, ribbon and hand stitching to make it a dress of dreams, one particular girl's dreams anyway.

I Lost My Bounce

I used my felted wool bag for a bit and realized that it needed some upgrades. Nothing fancy but changes that would make it even nicer to use. Felted wool has some stretch to it and I began to feel that my bag was on the end of a spring. 

Bagged It

For this project I wanted to make a bag to use as a purse. I selected felted-wool from a batch of purple and pink sweaters .

Sheer is the New Black

I found a great fabric, a black jersey sheer with a raised wavy pattern. I wanted to make a skirt out of it but didn't want it to be too revealing. I bought some plain black jersey to layer underneath and made a double layer skirt with texture and flair.

New Pattern for Purple

I am cranking up my sewing machine now that it is winter.  After making the Sweet Spots Skirt, I am now going to sew some tops.  I decided to make a new shirt pattern since I wasn't satisfied with last years'.  I took all new measurements and cut up two shirts to trace.  I want to make a shirt that is flattering and fits well.

Sweet Spots

I finished the sweetest skirt but it had me seeing spots.  I chose a fun, cheerful jersey fabric with some of my favorite colors in it.  I followed the easy instructions in the book, Improv Sewing, to make a pattern and sew this two panel skirt.

Work Friendly Tunic

I wanted something special to wear on my first day of work.  I found a dress I liked at Marshall's but it was too short for the office.  It struck me that it would make a nice tunic.  I decided to convert the dress into an work friendly tunic.

Felted Wool Blanket

After felting the sweaters, I was ready to turn them into a cozy throw blanket. It had been an extremely cold winter and a blanket sounded just right.

First Sew Day

We had the first snow day of the season this week.  In a quest for a creative project Ella and I decided to sew clothes for her American Girl doll.  We found a basic pattern online knowing that we wanted to keep the sewing simple and quick. 

Handmade Doll Clothes

Floral Skirt


Cover Up

Now that the garden is put to bed and the ice rink is close to being finished, I am moving on to other projects.  I am making a new cover for my ottoman.  The current cover is stained and the color doesn't match any of my furniture (it's light pink).  I have fabric that I bought months ago and am determined to use it.

Shirt and Skirt


Blue Skirt

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