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A Few of My Favorite Things

The weather has been spectacular. First we had a cool, rainy spring which allowed me to divide countless perennials, plant bunches of annuals and mulch all of my beds. Now we've had a stretch of my favorite summer weather with warm, sunny days that barely reach 80 and cool, crisp nights of 50. Best of all there has been no humidity. I have gratefully savored my walks and garden time, reveling in every outside moment. My gardens have never been so well tended nor my house so fresh and cool.

a cutting garden

There was no end of beautiful moments this weekend. I realized as I wandered barefoot in my yard listening to the bird chirps and hum of bees, looking at my beloved flowers, that I was surrounded by "a few of my favorite things" (The Sound of Music). Later while walking through a local meadow with its sweet smells and glimpses of butterflies, the song kept repeating in my head. I really was surrounded by a few of my favorite things, how glorious!

A Few Favorites

  • a gentle breeze

  • butterflies, bees & dragonflies

  • birds songs

  • my flowers





  • the hum of bees

  • early morning coffee outside, bug free

  • taking pictures

  • walking in the meadow

with grasses in bloom,

sweet smelling wildflowers,

and butterflies

I am so grateful to be surrounded by my favorite things and have the beautiful days to enjoy them. I wish the same for you.

Happy Summer!


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