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Everchanging Light Show

There is infinite beauty around us and it is enhanced by the everchanging light show: illuminating, highlighting and making even the mundane glow. Light changes throughout the day drawing our attention in new ways and it changes throughout the seasons adding to what we see. Everyday I am amazed and grateful for the incredible beauty that light brings.

A day begins with light slowly filling the sky, sunrise.

It peaks over the horizon casting long shadows.

The sun moves higher until it's shining down from above, the intensity and height depending on the season.





I love when light shines through a flower making it glow.

It can highlight a scene adding pop,

or add mystery with an ethereal quality.

The simple grace of light filtering through leaves brings me joy.

Light creates its own magic seen in rainbows,

and when it sparkles off water,


or dew covered spider webs.

Luminous shafts from the clouds are always stunning.

But perhaps light's most amazing trick is making the mundane beautiful.

Late in the day it grows long again, shining with a warm and sometimes reddish glow.

A day ends with light fading from the sky, sunset. Sometimes it's a spectacular show,

and others a quiet fading of the light.

As the sun drops below the horizon, there is a last glow before fading completely.

At night we are left with only the light reflecting from the moon.

Surrounded by such magnificence I continue to look for light, delight in beauty and exhale in grace. It is all there for us when we pause to take it in.

Happy New Year!

May 2019 be filled with light and grace. Enjoy the show.


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