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My Tiniest Garden

We love all things tiny . . . tiny humans, tiny houses, tiny versions of our favorite foods. Why not create tiny gardens too? As a childhood dollhouse owner and lover of anything miniature, this idea was made for me. When my sister gave me the sweetest mini garden bench, I was excited to create my tiniest garden yet.

The idea of miniature gardens has been around for awhile as fairy gardens and terrariums. Even the pots we plant on the deck are mini gardens of a sort. But this type of tiny garden is about creating a small space we can imagine being in. One that is not for the fairies, but rather, for ourselves.

I began my garden with a low bowl style container and a saucer to make it even more shallow. My mini plants would not need much soil though I drilled holes in the saucer for drainage.

There were two options for me to buy tiny plants locally. One was to use mini succulents and make a sun garden and the other was to use terrarium plants and create a tiny garden in the shade. My love of shade gardens swayed me and I selected a variety of plants.

For the garden's hardscape I asked my dad to collect some small, flat stones from the beach in ME. Since he is such a rock lover I knew he would do a great job.

I filled the pot with container soil and began laying out my tiny vision.

My design had a path, a stone patio sheltered by plants and two garden areas with a some lawn toward the front.

Planting the mini garden was like planting any other. I arranged the plants by height, shape, color and texture, and gave them some space to grow.

I placed my container in a shady spot at the edge of one of my beds. It would get some early morning sun but be protected the rest of the day. I watered it and added a couple tiny props.

A few props made the tiny garden more believable as a "real" space.

Over time the plants will spread and fill in. I am hopeful that the garden will retain its feel as a place to retreat and relax.

Now I can sit back, on my white bench, and enjoy my tiniest garden yet!


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