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Poppy Pattern Purse

I found a pattern for a Sweet Seasons purse in Simply Stitched with Applique by Yumiko Higuchi and a Poppy Garden Embroidery pattern at Purl Soho. Inspiration struck when I realized I could combine the two and make a poppy pattern purse.

First I by cut out two purse panels from natural colored linen.

I covered the edges with masking tape so the linen would not unravel while I did the applique and embroidery.

The Poppy Garden pattern was meant to be a larger wall hanging so I selected part of the design to use for the purse.

I ironed the pattern onto the front side of my fabric, filling in a couple of empty spaces with more flowers.

When I was happy with the result and ironed the same design on the second panel.

Next I ironed the applique cut-outs onto my wool felt making sure to label them.

I cut out the applique pieces and I was ready to begin.

Since I am new to embroidery I tried a practice flower to get the feel for it. This helped me work out a few of the techniques before starting the actual bag.

The Poppy Garden pattern called for a beautiful array of wool felt and embroidery floss. As I followed the applique and embroidery instructions, I closely followed the color chart as well.

I began by embroidering all of the stems and leaves that would not be covered by the applique fabric.

Next I started the flowers, attaching the felt pieces with a whipstitch before adding the decorative embroidery on top.

Some of the flowers were in two pieces so I attached and decorated the bottom before doing the same with the top.

Others had detailed decorations including padded satin stitch centers and tiny french knot seeds.

I enjoyed stitching the gorgeous poppies.

Making good progress, I completed the first side of the purse. Beautiful!

I repeated the process for the second side and the embroidery was complete.

Now I returned to the Sweet Seasons pattern to sew the purse. I removed the tape from around the panels and pinned them right sides together.

I sewed the bag starting and stopping 6" from the top, leaving the rest open.

Then I repeated these steps with white linen for the lining.

I turned the purse right side out and inserted it into the lining,

with the right sides facing each other.

I pinned the purse and lining together along the top 6" of the bag.

By laying the bag open, I stitched along each side in a single seam.

Through the remaining opening, I turned the purse/lining right side out and re-inserted the purse into the lining.

Next I folded the top of the bag over 3/4" and pressed it on both sides.

I repeated this folding it one and half inches, then pressing.

The bamboo handles were inserted through the folds and hand basted in place.

Finally, I machine stitched the folded edges to complete the handle casings and removed the basting stitches.

Turning the bag right side out, it was complete.

I made a beautiful and satisfying poppy pattern purse just in time for Spring.


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