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A Fall Farewell

Spring may be my favorite season but fall is a close second. I love the cool weather, changing colors and transformation of nature into winter hibernation.

As much as spring is about new beginnings, fall is for saying farewell to the seasons of growth, warmth and light.

Nature has eased this transition by filling autumn with glorious color.

Sometimes these colors seem too intense to be real.

Other times they are soft and subtle.

Fall light is wonderful as the sun sits lower in the sky. I love how the light shines through everything instead of down on it.

As the winter approaches plants drop their seeds, dry up and go dormant. This process has its own interest and beauty.

This fall I focused on pruning my shrubs and trees and planting bulbs for spring.

I even put in a couple of fall blooming crocus.

After wanting coral colored peonies for a long time, I finally planted three. I am excited to see the flowers next June.

Tips for Fall

Fall Tip: Plant lots of bulbs for a bright, colorful spring.

Fall Tip: Wait to cut back your plants until spring. They feed the birds and give your gardens visual interest.

Fall Tip: Mow the soft leaves to mulch the lawn and only rake the tougher leaves such as oaks.

Here's Wishing You a Fall Farewell!


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