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Pillows, too!

Re-covering my ottoman was my snow day fun but I completed a bonus project this week. I made matching pillow covers.

The envelope-backed covers were made from single rectangles of fabric. I chose this style so they could be removed for washing.

To calculate the width of my fabric I took the pillow insert size and added 1 inch. For the length I multiplied the insert size by 2 and added 6 inches.

I used at 14 inch pillow insert so my final fabric dimensions were 15" x 34"

(or 14" + 1" by 14" x 2 plus 6").

First I sewed a double hem on the short ends of my fabric. I folded and pressed 1/2" hem.

Then I folded the 1/2" hem a second time, pressed and pinned it.

I stitched the hem 1/8" from the edge.

With the fabric face up I folded in the ends overlapping them by 4 inches.

I measured my square to be sure that it matched my pillow insert which was 14 inches.

Next I pinned the sides and sewed the edges with a 1/2" seam allowance.

Finally, I turned the covers right side out and put in the pillow inserts.

This was a quick project that gave my spring update some extra flair.


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