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Re-Cover Up

I love my new couch but next to it the ottoman looked tired. I made the ottoman cover three years ago, see Cover Up, and it had sustained heavy use. It was time to re-cover the ottoman with a fresh look to compliment the new couch.

I picked out fabric that went with the couch and throw pillows. It had neutrals and blues in it.

To keep the cover from being too busy I decide to put the butterflies on the top only and keep the sides plain.

After washing and ironing the fabric, I cut out the sections. I used my original pattern but added a bit to each side for a roomier fit.

I started by sewing each side to the top of the cover ending up with star shape.

Next I attached the side pieces leaving only the bottom hem left to sew. I put the cover onto the ottoman with the inside facing out. I pinned the hem length while it was in place.

Finally, I sewed a one inch hem and the cover was complete.

A simple cover gives the ottoman a fresh, new look for Spring, though Spring is not here yet . . .


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